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1. The small boat was scudding into the open sea with a full sail. (1 point)

getting stuck
sinking deeply
moving swiftly
rocking harshly

2. As an outdoor enthusiast, Kristina abhorred the fact that people left debris along the hiking trail. (1 point)

recently discovered
quickly disregarded
strongly disliked
sincerely relished

3. The exuberant crowd clapped wildly. (1 point)



For questions 4–8, match each word to its definition by filling in the correct letter.

A. wise
B. enormous
C. passion
D. competing
E. sinister; threatening

4. ardor (1 point)
5. sage (1 point)
6. contending (1 point)
7. prodigious (1 point)
8. foreboding (1 point)

9. What personality trait does Odysseus reveal when he ventures into the Cyclops’ cave? (1 point)


10. Read the following passage from the Odyssey:
Tell me, where was it, now, you left your ship—
around the point, or down the shore, I wonder?’

He thought he’d find out, but I saw through this,
and answered with ready lie:
Poseidon Lord, who sets the earth a-tremble,
broke it up on the rocks at your land’s end.
A wind from seaward served him, drove us there.
We are survivors, these good men and I.’
From this passage, the reader is most likely to determine that (1 point)Odysseus is not easily fooled.
The men will escape from the Cyclops’ cave.
The Cyclops is not very intelligent.
The Cyclops plans to keep the men as his prisoners.

11. Read the following passage about Odysseus from Part 2 of the Odyssey:
Now, being a man, I could not help consenting.
So I went down to the sea beach and the ship,
where I found all my other men on board, 120
weeping, in despair along the benches.
Sometimes in farmyards when the cows return
well-fed from pasture to the barn, one sees
the pens give way before the calves in tumult,
breaking through to cluster about their mothers, 125
bumping together, bawling. Just that way
my crew poured round me when they saw me come—
their faces wet with tears as if they saw
their homeland, and the crags of Ithaca,
even the very town where they were born.
What does the epic simile in lines 118–131 illustrate? (1 point)

the importance of home
the bond between crew mates
the loyalty between captain and crew
the love that Odysseus has for his men

12. Which of the following is an important theme throughout the Odyssey? (1 point)


13. Read the following passage from the Odyssey:
“They fell in, soon enough, with Lotus Eaters,
who showed no will to do us harm, only
offering the sweet Lotus to our friends—
but those who ate this honeyed plant, the Lotus,
never cared to report, nor to return:
they longed to stay forever, browsing on
that native bloom, forgetful of their homeland.
I drove them, all three wailing, to the ships,
tied them down under their rowing benches,
called the rest: ‘All hands aboard;
come, clear the beach and no one taste
the Lotus, or you lose your hope of home’”
From this passage, the reader is most likely to determine that (1 point)eating the Lotus will make the men forget about returning home.
Odysseus has tried the Lotus flower and must warn others against it.
eating the Lotus flower is deadly to all men.
Odysseus understands that some of the men do not care if they survive.

14. Read the following passage from the Odyssey:
Cyclopes have no muster and no meeting,
no consultation or old tribal ways,
but each one dwells in his own mountain cave
dealing out rough justice to wife and child,
indifferent to what the others do….
In this description, what ancient Greek cultural value does Odysseus imply that the Cyclopes lack? (1 point)ambition to achieve success
artistic and literary talent
structured life in a well-organized society
loyalty to the gods

15. In which of the following plot events does Odysseus not use his cleverness to advance the plot in the Odyssey? (1 point)Odysseus lies about his name to the Cyclops.
Odysseus enters the archery contest.
Odysseus asks Circe's advice.
Odysseus escapes the Sirens.

16. What does the following hyperbole from Orpheus and Eurydice accomplish?

“How could he live without his wife, the other half of his soul?” (1 point)It emphasizes the strength of Orpheus's love for his wife.
It shows the Greek view of married people being two halves of one whole.
It compares Orpheus's current life with a life without his wife's love.
It warns that Orpheus could die if his wife left him.

17. Read the following quote from Orpheus and Eurydice:

"No other mortal had broached it once, and certainly he was not going to get a second chance."

What does this quote show? (1 point)the limitations of the power of Orpheus's music
the love that Orpheus has for Eurydice
the grief that Orpheus experiences
the desire that Orpheus has for Eurydice

18. How does Margaret Atwood transform source material in The Penelopiad? (1 point)Penelope is more bitter.
Penelope is more hopeful.
Penelope is more courageous.
Penelope is more subservient.

19. Read the following passage from The Penelopiad:

“No sooner had Odysseus returned than he left again. He said that, much as he hated to tear himself away from me, he’d have to go adventuring again. He’d been told by the spirit of the seer Teiresias that he would have to purify himself by carrying an oar so far inland that the people there would mistake it for a winnowing fan. Only in that way could he rinse the blood of the Suitors from himself, avoid their vengeful ghosts and their vengeful relatives, and pacify the anger of the sea-god Poseidon, who was still furious with him for blinding his son the Cyclops.

It was a likely story. But then, all of his stories were likely.”

From this passage, readers can infer that Penelope feels
(1 point)fearful that Odysseus will not survive his next adventure.
unsurprised about Odysseus’s departure.
excited to hear of Odysseus’s next adventures.
devastated that she does not have more time with Odysseus.

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    Holy smoke! Do you really expect someone to do this entire assignment or test for you?

    Someone might check your answers for you, but no one will do your work for you.

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    I wanted you to check my answers.

    1. c
    2. c
    3. a
    4. c
    5. a
    6. d
    7. b
    8. e

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    you suck

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    haha no answers for you

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    1 D
    2 C
    3 A
    4 C
    5 A
    6 E
    7 B
    8 D
    not sure about the rest

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    Are they right or not?

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    what are the anwsersssss???

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    I have the answers to this particular test :) I can help you solve them or just give them if that's possible here!

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    Cheyenne could you please give answers!!! That would be so helpful

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    What were the answers??????

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    Cheyenne.. do you still have the answers?!?!!

  • English 9 - HELP! -

    does anyone have the answers to the questions? questions 1-18?

  • English 9 - HELP! -


  • English 9 - HELP! -

    @The test name

    Are those answers for these questions or no cause my questions are different

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