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2. Alex, a fresh graduate chemical engineer, started his job by a mission requested by his boss. He was supposed to prepare a small amount of ethylene in the lab, to use it later for polyethylene synthesis. His boss, OE, also known as “The Monster” did not provide him any information on how to prepare the ethylene. Alex then looked in Wikipedia and found that ethylene can be prepared in the lab by the dehydration of ethyl alcohol, according to the equation

C2H5OH  C2H4 + H2O

Alex started his experiment with 250 ml ethyl alcohol, on a day when lab temperature was 27oC and pressure was 754 mm Hg. “The Monster” told Alex to keep all the produced ethylene in a small cylinder whose volume is 5 L. What is the pressure inside this cylinder?
For trial and error use one trial only

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    i don't know the answer. please give the calculation

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