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type of cd/dvd- number
rock CD 26
pop CD 17
comedy CD 11
drama CD 2
--------------------------------------------------------- likely is it that a disk is chosen randomly is a CD
A. unlikely b. as likely as not
c. certain d.likely likely is it that a disk chosen randomly is a jazz CD
A.unlikely B.likely likely as not D.impossible

7.sally picks a disk at random from letica's collection . how likely is it that it is a comedy DVD likely as not B.likely
C.certain D.unlikely

8.letica pick three disks from her collection at random .Which outcome is impossible
A.hey are all rock CDS B.they are all drama DVDS
C.none of them are rock CDS D. they are all DVDS

please when answer them number the answers and like put a space in bettwen each number thanks

  • math - Your turn -

    Damon has answered a lot of your questions. Now show us what you've learned from him and post your answers.

    It looks like they are all CDs.

  • math -

    Did you mean dvds for comedy and drama?

  • math -

    If you meant they were dvds for what I said above, these are the answers.

    5. D.

    6. D.

    7. A.

    8. B.

    Hope this helps! :)

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