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Melanie can paint a 100 square foot wall in 4 hours. James can paint the same area in 3 hours. If they both paint nonstop for 6 hours, about how many square feet can Melanie and James paint together?

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    Start with Melanie. She can paint 100 square feet in four hours. So in 6 hours, she can paint 150 square feet. This is because she is painting a total of 6 hours. In 4 hours, she did 100 square feet. 6-4 = 2 hours left.
    Those 2 hours are HALF of the 4 hours.
    So in 2 hours, she can paint HALF of the 100 square feet.
    100/2 = 50 more square feet.

    So Melanie can paint 150 square feet in that time. Can you figure out how much James can paint? Then add them together?

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