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please,please help!im doing subtraction with renaming but don't understand.I have to estimate,then find the difference and write in simplest form.I just need help with two and may be able to do the rest on my own.6 and 1/3 minus 3 and 5/6 is the first one and 9 minus 3 and 7/8 is the second one?

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    rename 6 1/3 to 5 4/3
    now subtract 3 5/6

    opps, rename first to 5 8/6, now subtract

    2 3/6 or 2 1/2

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    Don't understand mr.bobpursley,someone please help me break this down

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    5 8/6 - 3 5/6 = 2 3/6 = 2 1/2

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    first im sorry I wrote the problem wrong and the problem is 4 1/2 minus 3 5/6 and my second problem is 9 minus 3 7/8?i don't understand even with the problem they showed which is..6 1/3 minus 1 2/5,that ended up being 6 5/15 minus 1 6/15,they crossed out the first 6 and made it a 5 and the 5 that's over the 15 they crossed it out and put 20 over it,sounds confusing?

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    This video may help you.

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