Language Art (Please Check)

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please check....i also put the deffinitons just in case...

1.which of the following might be considered a tedious job?

A.designing video games(i PICK THIS A.)
B.writing an advice column
C.bagging groceries

2.A person who shows bigotry is likely to have feelings of

C.intolerance(I PICK C.)

Bigotry-unfair and unreasonable opinions or treatment of a person or group

  • Language Art (Please Check) -

    1. wrong
    2. right

  • Language Art (Please Check) -

    can you help me with 1. i orignally said answer C. but my brother said a.because u have to keep putting in a code to get the graphics to show correctly for the game design

  • Language Art (Please Check) -

    I've done neither job, but I think bagging groceries would be the most tedious. The programmer can enjoy the varied results of his programming, but the grocery bagger just does almost the same thing over and over.

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