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social studies(updated answers)---Mrs.Sue

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12. The American Revolution most likely encouraged the Mexican people to revolt against Spain by

A. exposing Spain’s lack of resources.
B. introducing new political principles to Mexico. (I pick B.)
C. inspiring the French Revolution.
D. showing that a colonial revolution could succeed.

13. Which of the following factors made possible political independence in Mexico?

A. the destruction of Tenochtitlán by Hernán Cortés(I pick A.)
B. the conversion of native people to Catholicism
C. the weakening of the Spanish Empire
D. the rise of the Mayan civilization(I PICK D)

14. Most of Mexico's wealth iS

A. concentrated within a small upper class.
B. spread out evenly among the people.
C. divided between the middle class and the upper class.(I pick C.)
D. donated to help the poor class.

15. What major region of Mexico covers much of the central part of the nation?

A. Sierra Madre Oriental
B. Gulf Coast Plain
C. Yucatán
D. Mexican Plateau(I pick D.)

  • social studies(updated answers)---Mrs.Sue -

    15 is right.

    You seem to be making wild guesses. I won't check any more of your answers.

  • social studies(updated answers)---Mrs.Sue -

    @ms.sue ok ill try harder to get them correct

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