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Identify each preposition and each prepositional phrase.

1. The first street railway in the world was built in New York in 1832.

preposition is in/ prepositional phrase is in New York in 1832.

2. The inventor of the telephone was born in Scotland.

preposition is of/ prepositional phrase is in Scotland.

3. Who is the inventor of the printing press?

prepostion is of/ there is no prepositonal phrase

4. The shadowy outline of the giant skyscrapers loomed before us.

preposition is of/ prepositional phrase is before us.

5. Our small boat bobbed in the waves.

There is no preposition/ the prepositional phrase is in the waves.

6. The swivel chair was invented by Thomas Jefferson.

there is no preposition/ the prepositional phrase is by Thomas Jefferson.

7. A raging storm fell upon the quiet valley.

the preposition is upon/ there is no prepositional phrase

8. I was lulled into sleep by the patter of the rain.

preposition is by/ prepositional phrases are: into sleep, and of the rain.

9. We found acorns beneath the tree.

there is no preposition/ the prepositional phrase is beneath the tree.

10. That cow is standing in the middle of the road.

preposition is in/ prepositional phrase is of the road.

  1. Anonymous

    I think you need to look in your book or online

  2. Anonymous

    I actually have done both.. instructions are limited in book and have found a couple of sites on chompchomp and other places

  3. Writeacher

    There are 3 prep phrases in #1, two in #2 ...

    Why are you finding the prepositions without also finding each prep phrase?

    Go back to chompchomp and study boy he preps AND prep phrases.

  4. Writeacher

    ... study both ...

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