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Subtract money amounts

1/ Aidan has $5.00 to buy a can of tennis balls that cost $3.79. How much change should he get back?

2/ Sylvia has $10.00 to buy a hairbrush that cost $ 6.88. How much change should she get back?

  • Math -

    -3.79 Cost of tennis balls
    $2.21 answer

    - 6.88
    $3.12 Answer

  • Math -

    Elvis bought a CD for $15.99. He paid with $ 13.00and 30 dimes. How much change did Elvis get back?

    - 30

    2/ tawny has 4 one- dollar bills , 20 dimes, and 100 pennies. She bought a knit cap , which cost $ 6.26 . How much change did Tawny get back?

    Don't know

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