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I have written an outline for my research report and I am now writing my report, but I'm finding it hard to see how I can use parts of my outline in my report. Do I include my outline in my report and change it as necessary? How exactly does this work?

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    Great Job! You wrote and outline. Now you have to write a rough draft. I guess??? anyway now you have to rephrase the outline while adding more information. Do what you can! Also, never use Wikipedia for Research Reports.

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    Does that help? Let me know!:)

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    Yup, that helps! But I'm kind of confused by what you mean by "rephrase." Do I need to use the information in my outline and add to it? I kind of need to use better vocabulary, structure, and information? Is that what you mean?

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    Rephrase that means write that same thing but, make it sound better.


    Outline- Dolphins are cool mammals.
    Rough Draft: Dolphins are amazing mammals

    Do You Get What I Mean?

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    Yes, to the second part of your question. Just use more information and add to it. Use interesting words or hook words that grab your readers attention. Find out interesting things that grabs your readers attention. Kind of where you want it to grab your attention.

    Does That Make Sense?

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    Hey are you Online? Respond Quickly because soon I have to leave!

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    I Really Hope I Answered Your Question! Gotta Leave Bye!

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