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What is 3.0801^9?

I have done it on a calculator and I got 24950.7354056, but I have seen other things about it, and those things say 24948.5693. Which is the correct answer.

I really do not know, but considering the answer that I got on the calculator, I think that one is correct. Please help, I will appreciate it if you guys do.

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    On yor computer you have calculator on 32 digits:

    start -> Programs -> Accesories -> Calculator

    When you open Calculator clik :




    then type:


    x ^ y


    then =


    3.0801 ^ 9 =

    3.0801 * 3.0801 * 3.0801 * 3.0801 * 3.0801 * 3.0801 * 3.0801 * 3.0801 * 3.0801=


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    Thank you, I was very confused with it. I had done another problem on this site a couple days ago, and that tutor said 24948.5693, so I didn't know. Today though, I did the 3.801 to the 9th power part on the calculator, and got the other answer, which I now know is correct. Thank you again!

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