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Simplify (Another Question/problem) 3

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(27a^(-6) )^(-2/3)

I got 1/(9a^4 )as my answer, but can someone again please check this. I will appreciate it. I am just unsure if it is correct or not.

  • Simplify (Another Question/problem) 3 -

    The type of math is still Rational Exponents, if any of you have noticed. It is the same as type of math in Simplify, and Simplify 2. Please answer this question/problem as soon as possible. I will still appreciate it.

  • Simplify (Another Question/problem) 3 -

    I would have answered (a^4)/9

  • Simplify (Another Question/problem) 3 -

    Thank you, I think I know what I did wrong. I know it has been a couple days, I haven't been online for those days. Again, thank you.

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