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Simplify 2

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Simplify the equation.


I simplified it and I got 19. I used the equation that Steve did to solve the other one in Simplify.

Please check, and see if I am correct. I will appreciate it.

  • Simplify 2 -

    It is another thing from RATIONAL EXPONENTS(Which has been my home school lesson this week for math.) as the first problem in Simplify.

    You can go look at posts that I have made or go to current questions to find the first problem. The title of it will be Simplify.

  • Simplify 2 - Helloooo, anyone there? -

    Can someone please help. I have been refreshing the page over and over on current questions, and I haven't seen another link come up under Simplify 2.

  • Simplify 2 -

    19^.5 * 19^.5 = 19^(.5+.5) = 10^1 = 19

  • Simplify 2 -

    Thank you, I wasn't sure if it was one of the other answers or not, but now I know that it is for sure 19!

  • Simplify 2 -

    You are welcome :)

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