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Can someone check if the following prepositions/verbs are correct?

1) I couldn’t help CRYING
2) It’s no use EXPLAINING it to him; he won’t understand.
3) He was seen TO the watch.
4) I can’t afford TO BUY it.
5) Norma is anxious ABOUT making the presentation.
6) Nancy was concerned ABOUT being late.
7) They are opposed TO building a new road in the park.
8) Pete was really nervous ABOUT going to a new school.
9) There’s no question he’s angry ABOUT being in jail.
10) I was amazed AT all the improvements.
11) I was so angry WITH him FOR behaving like that in front of everyone.
12) He was surprised AT the question.
13) I’m rather disappointed WITH my new computer.
14) I was deeply shocked BY Joe’s death.
15) The teacher was annoyed WITH me FOR forgetting to phone.
16) He is independent ON his mother. He’s still nervous ABOUT losing his job.

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    All are right except for 3 and 16.

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