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1. Consider four vectors ~F1, ~F2, ~F3, and ~F4, where their magnitudes are F1= 57 N, F2= 38 N, F3= 25 N, and F4= 67 N. Let θ1= 130◦, θ2=−130◦, θ3= 29◦, and θ4=−64◦, measured from the positive x axis
with the counter-clockwise angular direction as positive. What is the magnitude of the resultant vector ~F, where ~F=~F1+~F2+~F3+~F4?
Answer in units of N.

2.What is the direction of this resultant vector ~F?
Give the angle in degrees, use counterclockwise as the positive angular direction, between the limits of −180◦ and +180◦ from the positive x axis.
Answer in units of◦

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    I showed you how to get the magnitude. Scroll down.

    tan theta = sumy/sumx

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