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Math - Dividing Radicals

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A landowner wishes to construct a fence around a small section of her property. The fence is rectangular and is (3√5)/√7 meters wide and (2√3)/√5 meters long. What is the exact perimeter of the fence? (Recall that the perimeter is the sum of each individual side of a shape.)

A.√5+√3 meters

B.(3√35)/7+(2√15)/5 meters

C.(6√35)/7+(4√15)/5 meters

D.6√5+4√3 meters

I did B. and got it wrong, so I no it is not that, but when I divide the radical, I don't get any of the answers. Please help!

Also, if you can provide a walk through, it would be great.

  • Math - Dividing Radicals -

    It would be great if someone could answer as soon as possible

  • Math - Dividing Radicals -

    I know how to do up until I get to (3√35)/7, and (2√15)/5. But I do not know what to do after that.

  • Math - Dividing Radicals -


  • Math - Dividing Radicals -


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