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The length of the highway is 500 miles. If 1 inch represents 100 miles, what is the length of the highway on the map?

If on a scale drawing 55 feet are represented by 20 inches, then a scale of 1/8 inch represents how many feet?

If 1 inch represents 55 miles on a map, then how many inches will represent 1800 miles

  1. Ms. Sue

    500/100 = 5
    5 * 1 = 5 inches

    I'll be glad to check your answers for the other two problems.

  2. maggie

    Thank you for the 2nd one I got
    on the 3rd one I got 32.7272

  3. Ms. Sue

    2. Here's my solution.
    55/20 = x/0.125
    20x = 6.875
    x = 0.34375

    3. Correct

  4. z


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