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I don't really understand this, could someone help me solve it?

a) In her first round as a professional golfer, Michelle Wie made 12 pars, 4 birdies, and 2 bogeys. Refer to the chart of golf terms on page 336. How many strokes above or below par was she that round?
b) The leader after the first round was Annika Sorenstam, who made 10 pars and 8 birdies. How many more strokes did Michelle take than Annika in the first round?
c) Par for one round of the course was 72 strokes. How many strokes did Annika and Michelle each take to complete the first round?

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    Double Bogey +2 Bogey +1 Par 0 Birdie −1 Eagle −2 (you might need this)

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    Never mind, I figured it out myself!

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