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Really stuck on this question not sure where im going wrong

a trapezium with top and bottom sides paralell. With a diagonal line running from the top left to the bootom right hand corner splitting the trapez into two triangles.

the top left corner angle is formed by 66 deg and x, the top right angle is 86 deg the bottom right angles are unknown and the bottom left is y.

I know that the bottom right angle is 94 deg and is equal to ? + x but that's as far as i get please help, im very confused.

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    well, the 4th angle is therefore 114, but I'm not sure what's the question.

    Not sure whether the "upper left angle" is between the base and the left side, or the base and the diagonal.

    Maybe you should describe the figure, giving points ABCD as vertices, and labeling the angles, such as CDB or CDA and so on. And saying what it is you want to find.

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    trapezium ABCD, , with diagonal connecting A and C, angle ABC is 86, angle ADC is y, angle dac is 66 and angle bac is x,
    no angle given for bcd or bca or acd.

    find x and y

    why is the fourth angle 114?

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