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Please please check my answers? and correct if needed? Thanks!
1. Which of the following represents an argument for annexing Texas? (1 point)
Another slave state would be added, causing political debate.
Texas was an independent state, so a treaty would need a two-thirds vote.***
It would upset the Mexican government and develop negative relations with another country.
The annexation would add land to the United States, so it would be coming closer to achieving manifest destiny.
2. Which was a significant result of the Mexican-American War? (1 point)
It doubled the size of the United States.
It brought a solution to the slavery question.
It produced many of the generals who fought in the Civil War.
It created ill feeling between the United States and Mexico that still exists today.***
map of the United States
3. According to the map, which territorial acquisition—excluding the original United States—added the greatest number of states to the nation? (1 point)
Gadsden Purchase***
Louisiana Purchase
Mexican Cession
Oregon Territory
4. Which of the following best describes the impact of manifest destiny? (1 point)
It influenced the religious beliefs of many Americans.
It helped make Mexico a better ally.
It caused the United States to focus on the East and ignore the West.
It pushed the United States to gain new lands through warfare and treaties.**

  1. Ms. Sue

    Where did you get your answers? Only number 4 is correct.

  2. Melissa

    I went back and re-read. and now i've came up with,
    1. A
    2. A
    3. D
    4. D

  3. Ms. Sue

    2 is now correct


  4. Melissa

    Would 1 be D? and 3 be C?

  5. Melissa

    Whoops I mean't would 3 be B?

  6. Name here

    4:D Just did this and these r right

  7. lolololgottablast

    Name here is right ^-^

  8. Anonymous

    Name here is right for 8th grade.

  9. Anonymous

    Name here is correct as of 1/25/17

  10. Anonymous 2

    The one posted on January 24, 2017 at 4:29 is correct

  11. Hi

    Name here is right

  12. Disappointment


  13. Dark hat

    What were we talking about again

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