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I have to write a script and make a recording about the present past or future. I choose future. Would this be a good script I just need some few opinions. We have to make a powerpoint or video while our voice is recording. It has to be at least 30 seconds which I've already checked and it is. can anyone help thanks :)

Everyone in some point in their life has the thought of how their future will be like, or what they want to do. What I want it to be like is for me to be succesful and to still be very close with my friends, especially the ones that I've known for my whole life. I wan t to be successful in what I like doing the most which is music. I've always enjoyed it ever since with my friends. W e would all always gather up and meet, and play in our garage, either listening to music or playing an instrument. My future depends on what I choose to do know, by continuing to enjoy what I love to do and to be close with them. Their support gives me an idea on what I want my life to be.

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