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Fred is closing a bank account t and wants to distribute the money among his grandchildren by giving each of them $20. To do this Fred needs an additional $62 . Instead he gave each grandchild $17 and had $7 left over. How many grandchildren does Fred have? How much money did he have in the bank account?

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    let the number of grandchildren he has be n

    so total money = 17n + 7

    20n = 17n+7 + 62
    3n = 69
    n = 23

    total money = 17(23)+7 = $ 398
    And he has 23 grandkids

    if he wanted to give each $20,
    he would need $ 460,
    But he has only 398, which is $ 62 short of what he needs.

    He has 23 grandchildren, WOW

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