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Hello, Please check my answers, with stars (*) are my answers! Please check if they are wrong please tell the right answer and why it is right (explain it) so I can understand why! Thanks!

For questions 1-2, solve the inequality.

1.) x + 8 < -28

a~ x < -36 ******
b~ x < -20
c~ x < 20
d~ x < 36

2.) -3p > -48

a~ p < 16 *******
b~ p > -51
c~ p < -16
d~ p > 16

3.) Describe the number of solutions for the equation.
5(x-9)= 5x

a~ one solutions ********
b~ no solutions
c~ infinite solutions

4.) Describe the number of solutions for the equation.
-3(x-5)= 3x + 9

a~ one solutions ********
b~ no solutions
c~ infinite solutions

Solve the inequality.

5.) 9x < 72

a~ x < 8
b~ x < -8
c~ x < 63 ******
d~ x < 81


    3B how can you have 5x-45 = 5x?
    5A divide by 9, not subtract

    The others are ok


    OK I understood, Thnx for answering fast!

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