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simplify: (75x^3 y / 3x^5 y^3) ^3/2

3500 tickets were sold at the carnival. Adult tickers are $35 each and the children's are $20 each. A profit of 10% adult tickets were made and a profit of 5% children tickets. A total profit of $620 was made. Write 2 equations that represent this scenario.

Please help very urgent thanks ALOT !!!

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    first, I'd simplify the inside:

    75x^3y/3x^5y^3 = 15/x^2y^2

    Now just multiply exponents by 3/2 and you have

    15√15 / x^3y^3

    for the tickets,
    a+c = 3500
    .10(35x) + .05(20y) = 620

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    Thank you so much, god bless u

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