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Electricity Rates in Florida. Florida Power & Light Company supplies electricity to residential customers for a monthly customer charge of $5.69 plus 8.48 cents per kilowatt-hour for up to 1000 kilowatt-hours. (a) Write a linear equation that relates the monthly charge C, in dollars, to the number x of kilowatt-hours used in a month, 0 ≤ x ≤ 1000. (b) Graph this equation. (c) What is the monthly charge for using 200 kilowatt-hours? (d) What is the monthly charge for using 500 kilowatt-hours?(e) Interpret the slope of the line.

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    a. C = 8.48x + 5.69

    b. (X,C),(0,5.69),(50,429.69),Add more
    points for graphing.

    c. C = 8.48*200 + 5.69 = $1701.69

    d. Same procedure as c.

    e. Slope = 8.48

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