LA help super bad!!?

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I need help, I go to connections academy and i am in 7th grade, this is obviously LA. i tore out the pages of the text book to bring with me on a trip and now im back. im 110% sure they made it back because i never took the pages out of my bag.... but i cant find them!!! I do know a few though.

Questions 1-5 correspond to "The Courage That My Mother Had" and "Two People I Want to Be Like"

1. Which answer BEST explains why the author of "Two People I Want to Be Like" chose those two people to admire?
(1 point)
They dealt with lots of difficulties in their lives.
They focused on the positive at a difficult time.
They needed companionship and support.

2. An example of a positive connotation for the word quarried is (1 point)

3. The speaker compares her mother's courage to granite to show her (1 point)

4. In "Two People I Want to Be Like," the image of the person stuck in traffic can be described as (1 point)

5. In her poem, what is Merriam telling you about life? (1 point)
violence is not the answer
patience and kindness are good qualities
hard times make us stronger

Questions 6-8 correspond to "Volunteers Welcome!"

6. Based on the purpose of the selection, what do you think the author does for a living? (1 point)
teaches environmental policy
coordinates museum volunteers
works as a landscaper

7. Which of the following is the complete predicate of the sentence, "The first 100 volunteers to arrive will be given birch seedlings!" (1 point)
The first 100 volunteers
to arrive
will be given birch seedlings

8. How do the two selections in "Volunteers Welcome" try to hook readers? (1 point)
they use short, easy-to-read phrases
they give detailed lists of rules
they reference pop culture

9. Which of the following is the BEST example of semantic slanting? (1 point)
inserting vivid images to engage the reader
addressing the reader directly
using words with strong connotation

My Answers:

help pls asap!!!!!

  • LA help super bad!!? -

    ok, phew... i found the pages... but i still need help. (on the last two)

    1. B
    4. A
    6. B

  • LA help super bad!!? -

    9. is A... ???
    help! asap!

  • LA help super bad!!? -

    I can't follow your questions and answers. Please repost and number your answers.

  • LA help super bad!!? -

    Sorry -- but I just realized I can't help you because I haven't read these selections.

  • LA help super bad!!? -

    ok, thanks anyway

  • LA help super bad!!? -

    but is number 4 right?
    im starting to think its resigned instead

    and what exactly does semantic slanting mean?

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