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Can someone tell me what's the British for the words "common trash barrels", "sorted trash", "regular kitchen" trash or food/garden waste?
Thank you

I'm quite environmentally friendly. I have three containers at home into which to sort my trash. One is for paper; one is for plastic; and one is for regular kitchen trash. Since I live in a block of apartments, I put my sorted rubbish into the common trash barrels which are located in the courtyard. I always turn the heat down when I’m not at home, and I use hot water only when necessary. If I have a picnic in the country, I always clean everything up and take the trash home. I use solar energy to heat water and produce energy at home. The recycling pick-up trucks take away my sorted trash

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    Bin, used as both a noun and a verb, is one term the British use for garbage can.

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