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1.which of the following could be true of two different species that have a competive relationship in the same ecosystem? species preys on the other
B .the relationship is mutually beneficial.
C.They share the same niche species benefits, while the other is neither helped or harmed.(I PICKED THIS)

2.A biologist studying a desert ecosystem observes that the population of a lizard species increases following a particulary hot, dry period that causes a snake population to decline what could the biologist hypothesize bout the roles of these two species?
A.the lizard preys on the snake.
B.the lizard is a parasite of the snake.
C.the snake and lizard use the same limiting resource
D.the snake is a keystone species in the ecosystem(I PICKED THIS)

3.A nonnative species of animal is introduced into A healthy ecosystem.In its new environment, this species has no predators, although it preys on several native animals in the ecosystem.Make a prediction about the biodiversity and health of this ecosystem in the future.
A.biodiversity and ecosystem health will both increase in the future(I PICKED THIS)
B.biodiversity and ecosystem health will both dcrease in the future.
C.biodiversity will decrease and ecosystem health will increase the future.
D.biodiversity will increase and ecosystem health will decrease in the future.

4.In an island ecosystem,fox and skunks both hunt mice and toads.which of the following correctly decribes some of these relationships?
A.skunks and mice have a competive relationship.
B.skunks and toads have a predator-prey relationship.(I PICKED THIS) and skunks have a predator prey relationship.
D.toads and mice have a competive relationship.

8.two species have a relationship with one another in an ecosystem. suppose one of these two species goes extinct. which type of relationship did the two have if the surviving species population increases after the other goes extinct?
A.the extinct species was a parasite in a parasitic relationship with the surviving species.(I PICKED THIS)
B.the extinctspecies relied on the surviing species in a commensal relationship.
C.the two species had a mutualistic relationship
D.the surviving species preyed on the extinct species.

9.Adult birds of one species hatched eggs of another species along with their own eggs,and raised all of the babies together. The foster chicks use a different warning cry than the other chicks.what can you infer about this warning cry? results from instinct(I PICKED THIS) results from imprinting results from trial and error learning. results from conditioning

10.Which of the following is a behavioral adaptation of a spider?
A.poisonous venom
B.webspinning(I PICKED THIS)
C.eight legs
D.body color

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