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Familiarize yourself with the major environmental forces facing Canadian business by reading pages 6 to 19 of your textbook. The forces are: economic, demographic, technological, cultural, and legal.
Watch the following recruitment ads for IBM:

A: Go to youtube and watch the video called "Recruitment for IBM Computers 1960s Commercial"

B: Go to youtube and watch the video called "Why I'm an IBMer"

Question 1: What environmental forces has IBM addressed in B. since A.? Mention the forces and describe how IBM has addressed them.

Question 2: What environmental forces could IBM address better in B.? Mention the forces and describe how IBM could address them better.
Word limit = 250 words.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    Just with question A, I've watched the 2 videos and I would like a hint on some of the forces that are addressed and how

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    Although I don't see how this is an environmental issue, the more recent video pictures women and racial minorities that were absent in the 1960 video.

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    It makes sense if the question is asking about corporate environment.

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