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1. Salim has a paper route. He puts his papers on a toboggan to pull them through the snow. The combined mass of the papers and the toboggan is 24kg. The coefficient of static friction between the toboggagn and the snow is 0.18. The coeefficient of kinetic friction between the toboggan and the snow is 0.10

a)with how much force must Salim pull in order to get the toboggan ro start moving?

b) how much force is needed to keep the toboggan moving at a constant speed?

2. When a car is accelerating, it will move in the direction of the net force. However, objects do not always move in the direction of the net force. Explain how this would be the case for a car coming to a stop at a traffic light? How would the diagram look with forces acting on the vehicle?

  • physics-forces -

    force=mu*mg in both cases on 1.

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