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RST with vertices R (-2, -2) , S (-3, 1) , and T (1, 1) is translated by

(x, y) →
(x - 1, y + 3) . Then the image, RST , is translated by

(x, y) →
(x + 4, y - 1) , resulting in R "S"T ".
a. Find the coordinates for the vertices of R "S"T ".

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    so we are doing:

    (x,y) --->(x-1, y+3) ----> (x+4, y-1)

    so for R(-2,-2)

    (-2,-2) --->(-3, 1) ----> (1, 0)

    do the same for the other points

    (I am not sure why you have quotations around S and T in the final result. Are you saying that only S and T are transformed?
    If so, then just apply the above to S and T, leaving R alone. If this had been my question , I would expect you to translate all 3 points, even have you graph the original, the intermediate and the final to show that congruency is maintained)

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