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I came across with this last problem that I don't get on this sheet.

Dan's uncle ask him to come work for him at his men's clothing store. He will pay him 5% on his first $1000 in sales and 8% on sales above $100. How much will Dan earn if he sells $2500 in merchandise?

Please who work.
I got $500

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    It appears you have a typo. You probably mean 8% on sales above $1000, since he earns 5% on the first $1000.

    So, if he sells $2500, that's $1000 + $1500, so he gets

    5% of $1000 plus 8% of $1500, or
    .05 * 1000 + .08 * 1500 = 50 + 120 = $170

    How ever did you get $500? That's 20% of the whole amount!

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    .05 (1000) + .08 (2500-1000)

    = 50 + 120 = 170

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