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The perimeter of the rectangle is 24 cm, the long side is x + 2, the width side is x , if a new rectangle is created by doubling the lengths of the original rectangle's longest sides, what would the new rectangle's perimeter be ?

a. 17 cm^2
b. 24 cm^2
c. 31 cm^2
d. 38 cm^2
e. 48 cm^2

please answer and explain

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    2(x + x+2) = 24

    the original rectangle is 5 by 7

    take it from there

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    so, doubling the lenghts = 2x+4


    answer d

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    Read your question more carefully, it said to double the original triangle's LONGEST sides

    original longest side = 7
    new longest side = 14

    new recctangle is 5 by 14

    new perimeter = 38

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