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Language arts 2 question!??

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Hey... one question from the story "Thank You, Ma'am."???:

2. In "Thank You, Ma'am," repeating certain words and phrases helps the author (1 point)
complete the evidence
review unknown skills
establish the story's tone
become a better writer

Here's the other one, its got me kind confused...

3. Which of the following words has a negative connotation? (1 point)

um... i don't get the first one and i know what negative connotation is but is it... dainty???
help??! asap?

  • Language arts 2 question!?? -

    ok, one more question... i had a big debate with my family over this one...

    5. Which words are most likely to introduce an opinion statement? (1 point)
    This year...
    Due to...
    It is important that...
    This caused...

    I thought it was the important one, my mom thought it was the due to one and my dad thought it was the caused one...

  • Language arts 2 question!?? -

    I haven't read what your 1st question is about.

    The 2nd one is frail. It implies negative health or breakable structure.

    The 3rd is " ... important ... " (The others are introducing causes.)

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