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Von's arcade uses 3 different colored tokens for its game machines. For 500, you can purchase any of the following combinations of tokens: 8 gold, 18 silver, and 7 bronze tokens; 8 gold, 14 silver, and 13 bronze tokens; or 16 gold, 6 silver, and 9 bronze tokens. What is the monetary value of each token?

There are three prime numbers whose sum is 67. Twice the smallest number is 3 more than the middle number. The difference of the largest and the middle number is 8. What are these prime numbers?

Jen is the top 1 of her class during the second quarter. Her average grade in her Algebra, English, and Science subjects is 93. Her average grade in English and Science is eqaul to her grade in Algebra, while her average grade in Algebra and English is 3 less than her grade in Science. What are her grades in each of the three subjects?

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    8g+18s+7b = 500
    8g+14s+13b = 500
    16g+6s+9b = 500

    x+y+z = 67
    2x = y+3
    z-y = 8
    The numbers are 13,23,31

    (a+e+s)/3 = 93
    (e+s)/2 = a
    (a+e)/2 = s-3
    Her grades are 93,91,95

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