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Anybody out there from 7th grade connections academy??! need help checking my answers!!:

1. The author's tone in this editorial is (1 point)

2. What is the key phrase used to signal a comparison or contrast in the following statement?
"After all, four years ago another hockey pro got a mere slap..."
After All
hockey pro
mere slap

3. The persuasive technique used most in this editorial is (1 point)
using words that appeal to readers' emotions.
using hyperbole.
supporting opinions with facts, statistics and quotations.
using words or images that make readers want to take action.

4. The author contrasts NHL rules and Canadian law to make the point that (1 point)
Canadian law has harsher penalties for violence than the NHL.
NHL rules are strictly reinforced.
the NHL does not allow violence on the ice.
Canadian law is too strict.

5. In which source would you find mostly facts? (1 point)
an instruction manual
a newspaper editorial
an advertisement
a personal diary

6. Which of the following is a factual statement? (1 point)
The 2014 Winter Olympics will be help in Sochi, Russia.
The United States always seems to win the most gold medals at the Olympics.
Snowboarding is the most exiting sport at the winter games.
It is worth paying attention to the new generation of American snowboarders.

7. If an author's purpose in writing the sentence "Using hand sanitizer helps prevent illness" is to inform, which second sentence would make the writing persuasive as well? (1 point)
I love the smell of grape sanitizer the best.
You should have seen my dog the day my five-year-old lathered him in it!
Taking time to use a few drops a day can help keep you healthy all winter long.
Different hand sanatizers may contain different sanitizing agents.

My answers:
A or B

Questions 1-4 is from an editorial called Violence in Hockey.
This is why i need someone from connections!!!

  • Language Arts -

    Is this the article?

    5. Which is it?

    6 and 7 are right.

  • Language Arts -

    i think 2. is B...

  • Language Arts -

    Sorry Ms. Sue, that is not the editorial:( but thanx for trying

    5. is instruction manual or newspaper editorial... i think its instruction manual...?

    I tried to find a link for the story but i cant...

  • Language Arts -

    Yes, 5 is an instruction manual. An editorial is opinion.

  • Language Arts -

    Thanks Ms. Sue!!:)
    I'll do 1-4 on my own

  • Language Arts -

    ok, maybe i could use a little help with

  • Language Arts -

    You're welcome.

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