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The sum of two numbers is 25. Twice the second plus 4 is equal to the first. Find the numbers.

The difference of two numbers is 42. Thrice the first 4 more than the second. Find the numbers.

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    x and (25-x)

    2(25-x) + 4 = x

    50 - 2x + 4 = x

    3 x = 54

    x = 18
    x and (x+42)

    3 x - 4 = x+42

    2 x = 46

    x = 23

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    2and2differnce is 5

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    Is 1 38/61 irrational.

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    the sum of two numbers is 30. The second number is 2 more than thrice the first number. Find the numbers

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