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How do you do a double conversions and metric measurements?

32km/hr > m/s

Like how do you convert that?

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    V = 32km/h = 32000m/3600s = 8.89 m/s.

    32km = 32,000 m.
    1h = 3600s.

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    anything/divided by the same thing does not change anything really but the name of it
    so multiplying by (1000 m/ 1 km ) for example
    does not change the amount, just its name

    (32 km/hr)(1 hr/3600s)(1000 m/km)
    hr cancels, km cancels
    comes out in m/s

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    That trick does not matter here, but when you get problems with a whole bunch of conversions needed, it sure helps.

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    Yes, I use that trick when there are more conversions than we have here.

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