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1.Chris was being OBNOXIOUS when he
-told Mrs.Kelly it was a great day for a race.
-insulted Gina's new haircut.
-kept the little kids' ball from going into the street.
-returned Mr.Cho's keys.

2.If something is STATELY, it is

3.To NEEDLE a person is to
-press him or her into taking a particular action.
-make that person try to locate a very small object.
-speak sharply to him or her.

4.EXOTIC tourist places are

5.If you COMPENSATE someone for his work,you
-pay the person
-yell at the person
-ignore the person

6.A person with good HYGIENE would
-clean their car
-brush their teeth
-wash their dog

7.BECAUSE CHICKENS PECK AT EACH OTHER,someone invented chicken glasses.
-independent clause
-adverbial clause
-complex sentence
-adjectival clause

8.A twirling spaghetti fork's handle THAT YOU CAN MOVE WITH YOUR THUMB has a small wheel.
-noun clause
-misplaced modifier
-simple sentence
-adverbial clause

9.I have learned to find many rivers ON MAPS.
-prepositional phrase
-participial phrase
-appositive phrase

10.The Great Dane, A LARGE DOG, leapt over the fence.
-prepositional phrase
-participial phrase
-appositive phrase

11.It comes with padded shoes THAT SOFTEN THE LANDING.
-noun clause
-adverbial clause
-misplaced modifier
-adjectival clause

My answer's
2.A OR D
7.A OR D
8.B OR D
9.B OR C
11.C OR D

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    1, 4, 5, 6, and 10 are right. 3. is wrong.

    If you decide on the others, please post your choices, and I'll check them.

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  • language art -

    That's better. Now 7, 9, and 11 are wrong.

  • language art -

    *Going with my second choice, are they right*

  • language art -

    You're right that 11 is D.

    The other right answers are

    7. B
    9. A

    You need to study phrases and clauses.

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    ok..can you send me a website to study phrases and clauses.

  • language art -

  • language art -

    So, the correct answers all together are:
    Thanks!! Got it all right!!

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