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1.Which sentence provides an example of swaggered?
-Marco was so ashamed at the grade he received, he only stared at the floor as he walked back to his desk.
-The audience could tell Kelsie was confident, based on the way she strutted down the aisle to claim her prize
-The little girl was so happy to go to the park, she skipped the whole way
-The man angrily kicked the newspaper off of his front porch

2. In "Cream Puff," Jen is a dynamic character because she
-shows her active personality in the story
-is the main character of the story
-stays the same during the course of the story
-changes during the course of the story.

3. Jen resolves her conflict by learning how to
-follow the coach's advice
-play according to her strength
-learn from her father's example
-take a hit on the court

4. Identify the participle in the following sentence.
The violinist memorized the challenging song for the recital.

My answer are

  • language arts -

    1. B = correct

    2. A = probably not correct

    3. I don't know.

    4. B = incorrect

  • language arts -

    Ok... Is #4= C OR D

  • language arts -

    Study this and let me know.

  • language arts -

    it's C. challenging, because we are doing present particle

  • language arts -

    It was C.challenging

  • language arts -

    Challenging ... yes!

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