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Valmy gets a paper from the safe - a paper with a drawing on it.
What is the meaning of 'paper' in the sentence? Do we have to use 'a' before 'paper' or not?

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    Yes, you need "a" before "paper."

    The paper could be some kind of certificate (birth certificate, death certificate, stock certificate, etc.) or perhaps a will or some other type of legal document.

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    Thank you for your help.

    Can a paper mean a piece of paper?

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    Yes, but if it's in a safe, it's probably not a blank piece of paper! It undoubtedly has legal or financial information on it; otherwise, there'd be no reason to keep it in a safe.

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    The paper has a drawing of Picasso's. In this case, isn't it a piece of paper with his drawing on it? When the piece of paper has a drawing on it, can we use 'a paper'?

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    If you refer to it as "a paper," the assumption will be that it's blank. If you want to be specific (which is always a good idea!), then you should indicate what the paper is -- that is, what it has on it.

    In this case, you should call it "a sketch by Picasso" -- and people will know it's on paper.

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    I am in 2nd grade.I no what your talking about.

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