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Need help on these questions!

Find the slope of each line.

1. Y=x+1

Solve the equations.
2. -6+x/2=2

Simplify each expression.
3. -4(5n-5)+6(1-7n)

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    y = m x + b where m is slope
    so y = 1 x + 1
    means slope = m = 1

    multiply both sides by 2
    -12 + x = 4
    add 12 to both sides
    x = 16

    first multiply out
    -20 n + 20 + 6 - 42 n
    then combine like terms
    -22 n + 26

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    1. So you know that the slope intercept form is y=mx+b, right. And m is the slope. So in this case there is no straight out coefficient, but x is also equal to 1x. Therefore one is your slope.

    2. So first bring -6 to the opposite side of the equation by adding 6 to each side. You are left with x/2 = 8. Then you want to separate x, so you multiply each side by two to get rid of the denominator. This leaves x being 16.

    3. So in order of PEMDAS you would multiply first. So begin by distributing the -4 to make the left side be -20n + 20. Then distribute the 6 on the other side to make it 6 -32n. Since all you have to do is add, add -20n + 20 + 6 + -32n. Simplified the answer would be -12n + 26.

    Hope that helps.
    Serena, a 10th grade student.

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