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My math exam is coming up Friday and I need help!! Can you please guide me throgh the processes on the three questions? Thank you so much greatly apreciate it!!

Write the standard form of the equation of each line given the slipe and y-intercept.
1. Slope= -1/5, y-intercept=0

Write the slope intercept form of the equation of each line.
2. Y-3=-2(x+4)

Write the slope intercept form of the equation of the line thorough the given points.
3. Through: (1,-4) and (-5,-4)

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    Wow, I must say, if you cannot do those questions, then you are certainly not ready for your math exam

    1. if the y-intercept is 0, doesn't that mean the line goes through the origin or (0,0) ????
    so in y = mx + b form ...
    y = (-1/5)x
    multiply by 5
    5y = -x
    standard form has both x and y terms on the left, constants on the right, so
    x + 5y = 0

    2. given:
    y - 3 = -2x - 8
    take the -3 to the other side ...
    y = -2x - 5

    3. slope = (-4 - (-4))/-5-1) = 0/-6 = 0
    so you have a horizontal line !
    look at the y values of your two points, both -4
    As a matter of fact, your equation would simply be
    y = -4

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    My math assignment is already due last sartuday i need help please?

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