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Just out of curiosity, what didn't you like about the wiki.answer slides? They seemed to explain fairly well why the rocky planets are in the inner system, and the gaseous ones are in the outer system.

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    Sorry Steve and I'm sorry ms.sue. I was just valedictorian for 6th grade and 7th grade and I go to the best middle school in Jacksonville, Julia Landon. I think I was just very stressed out since I really tried my best to find the answer to the question. I also haven't really gotten sleep for two days because I have a lot of projects and homework assignments. I just really want to stay being a valedictorian so I can go into the IB program at Stanton. And my teachers told me not to trust Wikipedia since anyone could make up the answers for Wikipedia and Wikipedia is not a trusted source. So me and my classmates learned not to trust Wikipedia so I never try Wikipedia when it comes to homework and assignments. I would like to apologize for my breakdown. I'm sorry.

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    Please reply as soon as you read this. Thank you

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    And just wondering why did you capitalize AL in my name? Was it just a typo?

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    Same here I was told not to trust those website. I have never used them, nor will I ever!

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    I know right!!! @country_cutie XD

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    And I go to new school now, and they are always telling me to use Wikipedia for my research, I feel terrible to using a whole different website. But I just don't feel comfortable using that website!!

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    Read these articles about Wikipedia's reliability.

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    Thank you but I really want to stay on the safe side and just listen to my school so I will get a good grade. I appreciate your websites though. Thank you 😁

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    Oh I know right I always feel like they will give me inaccurate answers @country_cutie XD

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    How sad that you are not doing your own research and learning to think for yourselves. Did you even read any of the linked articles Ms Sue posted? Do you ever check out any of the references (linked or not) at the bottom of just about every Wikipedia page?

    Or will you always be the ones who follow someone else's directions ... just because?


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