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Match the letter with the number.

A. Early American and Colonial Literature
B. American Romanticism
C. Transcendentalism
D. Realism
E. Regionalism

10. Phillis Wheatley's Poetry
11. Mark Twain's "The Celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county"
12. Walt Whitman's poetry
13. Henry David Thoreau's Walden
14. Trickster tales and creation stories

I just can't figure these out. If some one would please tell me what you think. Thank You.

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    please help me.

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    E is 14 (whether you're referring to Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, Greek, Navajo, Mayan, or any other cultural/religious group).

    Now ... use any of these to look up 1) each of the other terms and 2) each of the other authors/titles. Let us know what you decide after you've done your research.


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