posted by Alexis

What is a PERFECT essay about Sandy Hook Elementary School?

  1. Ms. Sue

    A perfect essay (if there is such a thing) has a clear thesis statement, at least three carefully thought out supporting arguments, and has a dynamic introduction and conclusion. Of course, it also is meticulously edited and follows all grammar rules.

  2. Alexis

    I need more info I am having so much trouble. I am only in 7th grade

  3. Ms. Sue

    What do you want to say about Sandy Hook?

  4. Alexis

    I want to say like how we could help support Sandy Hook but at the same time I want to include many of the names.

  5. Ms. Sue

    You need to be more specific. How can we support Sandy Hook?

  6. Alexis

    Donate money to them???? I don't know this is WAY too hard. I have been working on this all weekend and it is due tomorrow

  7. Ms. Sue

    I doubt if they need money.

    What exactly is your assignment?

  8. Alexis

    I have to come up with a 2 page paper about Sandy Hook including : names of all victims, opinion, and what we could do to support Sandy Hook and the only part i am stuck on is that I don't know what to write for support! And my opinion!

  9. Ms. Sue

    My personal opinion is the way to support Sandy Hook is to enact stricter gun control laws and make sure that everyone who owns a gun is sane and not violent.


  10. Alexis

    I wrote the 1st paragraph and then got stuck. Thank you for the help but I could ask my mom for help

  11. Ms. Sue

    The reason you got stuck is that you hadn't planned your essay first. Your first paragraph is the last paragraph to write.

    I urge you to read some of the websites I posted for you. Also, follow the instructions I gave you first.

  12. Alexis


  13. Catheline-Anne Marie

    I did what you said but nothing is coming to me

  14. Alexis

    Sorry that was my sister. She is 10. She typed what I wanted her to while i did something

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