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math help please

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Consider the function g(x)=x/x-7.

a) Determine an equation for the vertical asymptote.

b) State the domain.

c) Determine an equation for the horizontal asymptote.

d) State the range.

e) Sketch the function. ( i will do it)

f) Summarize the increasing and decreasing intervals.

g) Compare the slopes of the tangents at the points where

i) x=7.5 and x=20
ii) x=6.5 and x=-20

Do everything for me someone please. Do all the steps please. Thank you, Thank you...

  • math help please -

    If you can sketch the curve, you should be able to answer all the questions.

    (a) vertical asymptote is where the denominator is zero: x=7
    (b) domain is all reals except x=7
    (c) y=1
    (d) all reals except y=1
    (e) do it
    (f) look at the graph
    (g) y' = -7/(x-7)^2
    so plug in the x values you need.

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