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Kelly drew four points A, B, C, and D in her notebook.

A straight line joins points A and C. Another straight line joins A and B. A point D is located on the left of the line AB

Kelly made the following statements about the points.

Statement 1: There is at least one more point on the plane containing points B and C.
Statement 2: One plane contains segment AC and Point D.

Which chart best justifies Kelly's statements?

  • Geometry - eh? -

    things are ambiguous.

    what does "on the left" of line AB mean?
    Is AB basically horizontal, and D in on AB toward the left? Or is AB basically vertical and D is not on the line at all, but left of it?

    #1. how does a point contain B and C?

    #2. true, since 3 points define a plane.

    what chart?

    a little proofreading would help.

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