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A student wishes to test the accuracy of the measuring jug she is using in an experiment. The label on the jug claims that it measures volume to an accuracy of plus or minus 5 cm3. The density of water is about 0.999 g cm−3, which means that 100 cm3 of water should have a mass of about 100 g. She repeatedly measures out 100 cm3 samples of water in the jug, and each time records the mass as shown in the table below:
Mass of
measuring jug :685,684,688,686,683,689,687,690,688,691
+ 100 cm3 of
water / g

Mass of
measuring jug:596,596,596,596,596,596,596,596,596,596
/ g

Mass of
100 cm3 of:89,88,92,90,87,93,91,94,92,95
water / g
Which phrase best describes these readings?
1) They are neither precise nor accurate
2) They are relatively precise but not accurate
3) They are relatively precise and relatively accurate

3 correct answer or not plz help

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