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1. Which of the following words could be used to describe Phillip so far? (1


2. From what point of view is the story told? (1 point)

first person point of view
third person point of view

3. Which of the following is not a type of ship? (1 point)


4. Which of the following indicates the right side of a boat? (1 point)


5. Complete the following analogy: miniature is to massive as fore is to _______. (1 point)


6. Why can't the people of Curacao fight back against the Germans after the
island is attacked? (1 point)

They are afraid to fight back.
They do not have the weapons needed to fight back.
They want the Germans to win.

7. How does Phillip’s attitude toward war change? (1 point)

At first he thinks it is exciting, but then he realizes that it causes death and destruction.
He is against war for religious reasons, but later realizes that it is necessary.
He doesn't want Henrik to think he is a coward, so he tries to join the fighting.

8. What danger awaits Phillip when he falls off the raft? (1 point)

flying fish

9. Phillip has a head injury from the attack on the S.S. Hato. What happens to

him as a result of this injury? (1 point)
He loses his memory.
He loses his sight.
He loses his hearing.

10. While they are on the raft, Timothy builds a shelter from the sun and wind. What material does he use? (1 point)

driftwood from the sea
palm leaves and rope
their clothing and boards from the raft

  • the cay(help) -

    I haven't read or seen this story.

    However, if you read it, I'm sure you'll find the answers to these questions.

  • the cay(help) -

    i don't have a book i havent read or seen it

  • the cay(help) -

    Try a library or bookstore.

  • the cay(help) -

    it to late i have this due tonight so basically i think im gonna picture my being there and pick what i would do and all or try to pick the most reasonablist answers

  • the cay(help) -

    oh! i made a 80 i picked the most reasonable answers

  • the cay(help) -

    Terrible questions!

  • the cay(help) -

    You really ought to make use of or Often, you can find full texts online ... or in this case, you can find the whole movie!!

  • Fault in "education" - the cay(help) -

    Let me understand this !

    You have an assignment due on a book which you have not read or even seen.
    That assignment was due tonight, and you expected us to just give you the answers.
    Call me old-fashioned, but when I was teaching I would have called that "cheating"

    You then proceeded to enter what seemed "reasonable answers" and you immediately got feedback that you got an 80?
    Do I have that right ?

    I seriously question the "education" you are receiving.

  • the cay(help) -


  • the cay(help) -


    All those questions are "surface level" questions ... no deep thinking needed! If you had actually read the story/book, you'd have had no trouble answering any of them.

    If you or your parents are paying for this course, you're cheating yourself.


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